FICA Compliance can be complicated and expensive. In many instances, real estate agents are not compliant and exposing real estate businesses to unnecessary risk and potential brand damage.

FICA4U’s automate compliance solution supports real estate business owners by helping avoid potential sanction or fines from the EABB and/or the FIC.

Is your current system working for you?

Are your agents fully compliant with your business’ RMCP?
Are your agents consistent in the way they capture and store the client’s FICA documents?
Do you have controls in place to check if FICA is happening correctly on all deals?
Do you have the necessary processes in place to notify the FIC on suspicious transactions?
Is your current approach consistent, quick and easy for both agents and their customers?
Can you easily prove to the FIC that you’re doing it properly?
Are you comfortable that all of your agents are trained correctly and applying the correct procedures based on the type of client they are dealing with?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, your business would certainly benefit from using the FICA4U online app.